Video Feature: AusBiz

September 21st, 2021

Watch the full video here.

The real estate market has seen various disruptions over the past 18 months which have led to the emergence of interesting patterns and behaviours. Nick Browne is Director at asset management firm Jameson Capital and he says there’s a dichotomy when it comes to identifying favorable opportunities and investing in the current market: if there are plenty of others pursuing the same opportunity set, it could provide confirmation that the sector or theme may have the characteristics of a desirable trade. However, it’s also probable that there will be substantial competition also pursuing that same target. With that in mind Nick is looking for two key ingredients when considering a new sector, geographic market, or individual asset. The two main questions we ask ourselves are “Is there an attractive entry point, meaning is the price that we can get access to that opportunity or market appealing relative to its actual market value; and does the sector present appealing prospects for medium-to-long term growth?” says Nick.