Private Equity

Capital investment for fast growing companies

Our purpose is to generate attractive risk-adjusted returns for our investors.

We principally invest in three types of businesses: late-stage venture capital-backed companies, mature small and medium sized enterprises, and spin-offs from large corporations.​

We fund value-accretive strategies such as realising domestic and international expansion plans, development of new product lines, the funding of working capital to reach scale, expansion of facilities, and consolidation of industry through roll-up acquisitions. ​

We look to drive growth and profitability in each of our investments in our own specialised way. We do this by combining the following in each business we invest in: attracting world-class talent, developing operational and strategic partnerships, partnering with leading investors, and ensuring strategic and operational excellence.​

Our belief is that Jameson’s profitably will continue to stem from our unwavering commitment to:

  • Investment decisions based on substantial investment proprietary research
  • Conflicts of interest resolved in favour of our investors every time
  • Compensation that aligns our interests with those of our investors
  • Thoroughly truthful communications and a refusal to downplay bad news
  • New investment strategies, never at the cost of existing ones, and only if they can be executed with risk under control
Partnering with management teams and entrepreneurs to build successful businesses across a broad range of sectors.

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