Private Credit

Customised Credit Solutions

The boutique scale of Jameson enables us to provide highly customised credit solutions for borrowers in a variety of sectors. By partnering with select investors, Jameson is able to develop and structure individual investment mandates for parties seeking to access specific credit opportunities within the Australian market.

By providing a wide range of accessible credit to our investors and partners, Jameson provides the opportunity for customization that ensures the appropriate fit with respect to individual risk/reward profile.


Leveraging a bespoke model to ensure consistent objectives within a landscape of often competing goals and strategies.

Funds Management

In addition to lending to Real Estate, Jameson also seeks to provide credit solutions to other alternative assets classes including both Renewable Energy and Agriculture.

Renewable Energy

Jameson has a partnership strategy to build a portfolio of renewable energy assets Australia wide and is seeking joint venture partners in solar, wind and biomass generation with output ranges between 10MW and 50MW. Typically these are smaller scale assets with wither merchant or PPA off take agreements with close proximity between load and transmission.

Jameson is capable of investing in a variety of structures, including equity joint ventures or structured corporate debt and seeks long term partnerships. Our clients are developers seeking capital between AUD$10 million to AUD$50 million.


Jameson has a partnership strategy to provide secured finance to the farming community Australia-wide. With an understanding of grains, livestock, forestry and horticulture we take a granular investigation of farm management practices and are comfortable deploying capital where a suitable exit is identified.

Our clients are farmers seeking a funding alternative between AUD$1 million and AUD$20 million.

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