Video content: AusBiz

Nick Browne Director
4 minutes November 8th, 2022

The RBA has hiked rates sharply this year, causing a softening of the housing market. Nick Browne from Jameson TTB spoke with ausbiz about potential opportunities, in particularly sectors where income is tied to inflation, such as commercial leases where you could increase the cost in line with inflation. Nick says there are cities that are less exposed like Brisbane, particularly when compared with Melbourne and Sydney. Adding that there are also still some sectors that are undervalued that make for good investments and might not have appreciated the way others did. Despite the softening of the property market as a result of rate hikes, inflation has increased the cost of construction which Nick said isn’t being lost in projects. He says price increases can be anywhere from five to 15 per cent and is a major issue for property developers. Nick says the best sectors are those that have had some government support and these are sectors that Jameson TTB has been focusing on.

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