Jameson Special Situations Fund No.1

The Jameson Special Situations Fund No1 aims to provide attractive risk-adjusted returns to investors by opportunistically investing in direct and indirect Australian real estate experiencing duress associated with the current market complexities. Returns will typically comprise a fixed base return plus some equity upside.

The investment objectives of the Fund are:

  1. To provide Unitholders with an opportunity to participate in a diversified portfolio of Preferred Equity and Structured Hybrid-Debt investments within the Australian real estate sector;
  2. Target an AUD three-year Equity IRR to unitholders on a net net basis of 15% p.a.

The Fund will seek to differentiate itself in situations that are time-sensitive, complex, or in out-of-favour sectors with strong long term fundamentals, where it can provide solutions to stakeholders who prefer to transact with a decisive and agile counterparty that can offer certainty of execution.

If interested, please contact one of our investment team if you’d like more detail about this fund